Orange County Linens 

Equipment Rental Contract Terms and Conditions


A deposit of 50% of the total price of your order is required to secure the equipment or services agreed upon. This will assure you that your equipment will be held reserved for your particular date. Due to continual non payment in the past year the second 50% is due a day before the event. No exceptions. This deposit is non- refundable but you have 365 days to reschedule your event date. 

Outside Draping:

We do not provide outside draping. We cannot control the weather.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

We issue one free Certificate of Insurance – Please provide proper verbiage. Any edits will occur a $75.00 fee each occurrence.

Waiting time: 

If a client requires delivery or pickup of rentals at a specific time, Orange County Linens does everything possible to be on site within 30 minutes of that time. However, if our staff is required to wait beyond the 30 minute grace period due to clients late arrival or event extension, a $40.00 charge per employee is applied to the contract for each hour or portion thereof.

Convention Center: We require a $1,500.00 hold for any event located in any convention center.

Extended Rental Rates: 

Rental rates are calculated based on the original duration and price, there are extra chargers for equipment kept beyond the scheduled times based on prorated on the original rental rates and duration. Please contact Orange County Linens if equipment is going to be used for an extended period of time.

Permits, Fees, and Licenses 

The client assumes all costs related to permits and/or licenses required by local or county ordinances. Client is also responsible for union fees, parking fees and (un)loading charges.

Site Maps:

 For events held at parks, beach sites or other difficult to locate sites, the client must provide a detailed map of the area along with site directions and a cellphone number of assistance if required. Please provide a detailed site map in order for rental set up to be done correctly and without any hassles.


We are not RESPONSIBLE for any damage, injury or potential loss of life incurred while Rentals are in place at your venue, or site. After we are done setting up Rentals-  YOU are responsible for any damage caused- this applies to any guests or workers at location.

For rentals NOT SET UP by Orange County Linens personnel, we are not responsible for any damage caused by client, event or guest. You are fully responsible for setting up, tearing down and making sure all equipment is brought back or picked up in orderly fashion.

All missing Pipe, Drapery, Bases, Crossbars and bases are going to be charged at full retail price (depending on amount missing or damaged). 

A convenience fee of $250.00 will also be applied.