How do I receive a quote?

The easiest and fastest method in receiving a quote is to measure your space or if you have a diagram with linear footage. If you don’t have a diagram or linear footage you can find out what you need by utilizing a measuring wheel or measuring tape. If you are renting a venue or hotel, they usually carry a diagram that states the linear footage. You can submit that attachment with your quote request. Below are samples. If you have a simpler diagram you can attach hand drawn measurements with details. For a quick quote please send your diagram to service@orangecountylinens.com


How Long does it Take to Install our Pipe & Drape Rental?

It all depends on how much time we have to set up. Usually if set up is flexible we can set up a day or night before. On average 100 feet takes about 45 minutes, 200 feet 1:30 hours, 300 feet 2:00 Hours. All hours vary depending on circumstances such as distance from set up place to loading dock, time frame crunch & height of set up. Please contact us for more details.

Do you have an example of a pipe & drape set up?

Yes below we give an example on how we set up our pipe & drape system.