Canopy/Tent Draping

Canopy/Tent Draping

We also specialize draping Tents & Canopies.  We can provide this service on any size Tent or Canopy.  We have done dozens of different designs depending on your need.   

Our Tent Draping technicians have more than 10 years of experience designing custom drapery and are ready to put on a show.  

Tent Draperies are one of the funnest jobs we create.  This test’s our creativity and knowledge as most set up’s have different factors such as tent size, size of space & weather conditions.  

Drapery on your tent or canopy can create an ambience that will be everlasting. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions & we look forward to serving your Canopy/Tent Draping Needs – Orange County Linens.


Newport Beach Tent Drapery
Corona Del Mar Tent Drapery
Los Angeles Tent Drapery
Orange County Tent Drapery
Dana Point Tent Drapery
Anaheim Tent Drapery